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Single Use Contact Lenses are Game Changers

My favorite thing to talk to patients about right now are single use contact lenses, a one time use lens that you throw away when you are done wearing them. I am someone who loves glasses, has multiple pairs and enjoys using them as a fashion statement or a point of conversation in the exam room with patients. However, there are times when glasses can be annoying or that I prefer the cosmetic appeal of contact lenses. This is when a single use contact lens is the perfect option! I put the lenses in for beach volleyball, weddings, snow shoeing, you name it. And when I am done with them, I THROW THEM AWAY. It is awesome not to have to worry about contact lens cases, solution or trying to keep track of how many times I have worn my lenses or how old they are.

This is why I love telling patients about these lenses! Some of my patients think that contact lenses aren’t for them, or that they are too expensive, or that you have to wear them full time. Which is not true. Daily disposables can be for everyone!

So if you are downhill skier sick of trying to put your googles over your glasses, or your son plays football and is taking his glasses off because they won’t fit under his helmet or just want to be free of glasses every once in a while for the fun of it, Come try Single Use Contact Lenses!

“See” you soon *Dr. Bekah